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Largo, FL – Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties will reach a significant milestone in its 39-year history on Friday, June 21st. Habitat will mark the completion of its 900th Home built in the Pinellas and West Pasco area. The 900th Home was built on Gooden Crossing, a historic part of the Ridgecrest Community in Largo. The 900th Home Dedication celebration will be at 1231 Gooden Crossing, Largo, FL from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. The celebration will include food and refreshments from local vendors, as well as speeches from supporters from throughout the community.

The Jones Family

Habitat’s 900th Home partner is the Jones Family. Xavier Jones is a single father and a Spray Technician for Pinellas County. He has three children: Daughters Xaviah (14) and Xanae (9), and son, Xavier (11). Xavier says his family loves to do anything as long as they are together. As the son of a single mom, Xavier says being a present parent is one of the most important things he will ever do.

“I want my children to know I will always be there for them,” said Xavier during a recent interview on The St. Pete Catalyst’s Impact Catalyst podcast. “I love being a dad and I am working hard every day so my kids have a better life.”

Xavier was accepted into the Habitat homeownership program on January 26, 2023. He was surprised with a certificate of acceptance by Habitat president and CEO, Mike Sutton. The moment, captured on video, went viral on social media as a tearful Xavier knew he had been given the opportunity to become a homeowner and provide a safe, secure home for his children.

Read more about the Jones Family’s journey to homeownership here.

The History of Gooden Crossing

Habitat’s 900th Home will sit on Gooden Crossing, which was renamed in 2003 in honor of two of the earliest settlers in Largo – Chester and Corrine Gooden. The Gooden Family moved to Largo from Ocala in 1936 and purchased 10 acres of open land for $800. Chester and Corrine dedicated their lives to helping their community and families like them achieve the dream of homeownership by selling and donating their 10 acres so that homes, businesses, and places of worship could be built. Habitat’s 900th Home will sit on ‘The Corner’ – a significant spot for the Gooden Family’s legacy. Read more on the History of Gooden Crossing.

Media are invited to attend all home dedications. Interviews will be grant upon request.

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