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Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco has launched a landscaping partnership with Unity Tree Foundation, a new nonprofit focused on the beautification of our communities.

The first landscaping project began on January 27th, where landscape architect, Suely Suchodolski, worked with homeowners in the Dansville community to design the landscaping for new homes.

“I am so happy,” said Suchodolski¬†, “This is the climax of my career. For forty years I worked in high-end, luxury houses, but now that I am retired I can do what I am passionate about. I want to leave a legacy, and spread beauty to our community. No matter the background of the family I am working with, I hope that I can provide something special. I am doing this for the people, and for the betterment of our city.”

Unity Tree Foundation is a brand new non-profit organization started by Suchodolski¬†and her close friend, Myrna Wolf. After studying architecture and arbor, she was deeply inspired by professor Roberto Burle Marx who introduced her to tropical landscaping in Brazil. “I truly honor his work and everything he taught me. He told me to put more trees in the world, so that is what I am aiming for.” She now is partnering with Habitat as her organization grows, and she can continue to serve affordable housing throughout the state. She hopes to partner with more Nurserys and landscaping companies who will donate time and resources for each project as the organization develops.

“The people in Pinellas county are so open to the idea. They really appreciate the beautification of their properties.”


Suely and her partners will soon be in charge of a landscaping class to better educate Habitat homeowners on how to take care of their properties. This essential education during our programs will be an added benefit for Habitat homeowners and will ensure that our properties are uplifting the community.

Unity Tree Foundation is in need of volunteers, including local students, who want to help move the mission forward. If interested, please contact the organization at contact@unitytreefoundation.org.





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