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In May, Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco celebrated the grand opening of our new Administrative Headquarters near the St. Pete-Clearwater Airport. This move of staff from the Clearwater ReStore offices allows for the build out of a dedicated Education Center and Homeowner Selection Area, with an anticipated completion date of October 2021.

Homeowner education is at the core of the Habitat program. The decision to move the administrative offices was made with our homeowners in mind. The addition of a dedicated education center will enhance our program by providing a first-rate educational experience for our homeowners and our devoted instructors.

Special thanks to Truist, Tibbetts Lumber, Republic Bank Foundation, The Trepani Family and Marion Rich for sponsoring this new expansion.


The Truist Education Center featured a space will include a large conference room that will serve as the main education space. Homeowner candidates soon be able to gather for classes and have an in-person experience as they complete the curriculum. There are also three dedication rooms for one on one mentoring. These rooms have been generously sponsored by Republic Bank Foundation, the Trepani Family and Marion Rich.

The new Education Center will also feature a Homeowner Selection Area, sponsored by Tibbetts Lumber. This showroom will provide a curated space for homeowners to meet with the Habitat construction team to visualize and discuss various design options for their new home. Homeowners will be able to pick paint colors, see a model mockup of their kitchen cabinets, get hands-on with other materials and view their floor plans.

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