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The construction team is the face of Habitat for Humanity, and who our volunteers and homeowners get to know the best while working on our job sites and through the homeownership program. As we welcome our volunteers and homeowner candidates back on-site in full capacity, we’d like to take an opportunity to introduce and highlight all of the essential members of our team, who take building a home from a dream to a reality. Read below to meet those you will work with on the build sites:



My name is Tom Oberhofer.

Tell us a little about yourself and your responsibilities.

I’m a volunteer site supervisor. This means I help the lead site supervisor both with the work and with the volunteers. This is often a teaching role; helping volunteers understand how to do a task and explaining why that task is important.

How long have you been in your position?

I’ve been a Habitat volunteer for 28 years, and a volunteer site supervisor for about a decade.

What is your proudest moment during your time at Habitat?

I think it was the time I realized I had built every phase of a house. This included actually building trusses, which we did at one time, and laying block, which we also did at one time. It includes surveying a lot to leveling a freshly poured concrete slab. It includes setting trusses, sheeting the roof, and laying on the shingles. Inside, it involves laying out the floor and building and setting the walls. Then there is all the finishing stuff – installing cabinets, doors, shelves, etc. And yes, I’ve painted and done landscaping.

Volunteers are back in full capacity as of July after over a year. What are you most excited about regarding the return of volunteers?

Volunteers are an essential help in getting our home built. We’ll be able to do more and do it faster than has been the case during our Covid year. Glad they are back.

Describe your favorite mission moment during your time with Habitat. (For example, a dedication, a volunteer interaction, etc.)

Let me point to one somewhat down the road, rather than a past mission moment. My wife and I have been long-term supporters of the Habitat mission and I’m looking forward to the dedication of a house we’re sponsoring, likely sometime in January 2022.

Complete this sentence: Home is where…

You find safety and security.


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