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The construction team is the face of Habitat for Humanity, and who our volunteers and homeowners get to know the best while working on our job sites and through the homeownership program. As we welcome our volunteers and homeowner candidates back on-site in full capacity, we’d like to take an opportunity to introduce and highlight all of the essential members of our team, who take building a home from a dream to a reality. Read below to meet those you will work with on the build sites:


My name is Jake Pieterse.

Tell us a little about yourself and your responsibilities.

I am serving as the Director of Site Operations and overseeing operations on all of our sites. This means I oversee all infrastructure work related to such things as utilities, tree work, grading, drainage, and permitting of all this. I have three excellent staff members that assist me in doing this work.

How long have you been in your position?

In my current position, 3 months. With Habitat, 6 years.

What is your proudest moment during your time at Habitat?

I have a proud moment every time I stand in front of or drive by a house we have successfully completed. I have an opportunity for many proud moments.

Volunteers are back in full capacity as of July after over a year. What are you most excited about regarding the return of volunteers?

I am always impressed that volunteers are excited to give of their free time to help Habitat build affordable housing. A Habitat home is not complete without having had volunteer hands take part in building it. This is an essential part of the Habitat mission and I am so glad our volunteer friends are back !!

Describe your favorite mission moment during your time with Habitat. (For example, a dedication, a volunteer interaction, etc.)

We have a volunteer out at Town and Country Villas in New Port Richey who has been maintaining about 30 lots for the last 3 years. I honor him and I always love looking at the beautiful park-like area that he maintains so well and so diligently.

Complete this sentence: Home is where…

Habitat for Humanity creates a home for a special family.

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