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Yesterday morning, nearly 200 community leaders gathered for our annual Community Builders Hour in New Port Richey. It was an impactful morning sharing the Habitat mission with community leaders in Pasco County. 
With community support, we raised over $34,000 towards our mission of making homeownership a reality for many more families in our community. Access to affordable homeownership seems to be out of reach for many families in, with 1 in 6 paying more than half of their paycheck on housing. Families like the Baxters and the Picis, who shared their story with you, will have the opportunity to achieve homeownership – a dream that once seemed out of reach. Because of the Habitat Homeownership Program, and all of its supporters, these families can achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through their safe and affordable home.

Special thank you to our West Pasco Table Captains for making the event a success!

Gary Burden
Kristi Cheatham-Pettit
Joanne Cheshire
Debbie Cooley-Guy
Angel Cook
Amanda Hart
Maria Johnson
Sean King
Dave Longspaugh
Jon Marshall
Kelly Mothershead
Amanda Murphy
Erin Myer
Xavier Oliver
Judi Pobts
Frank Starkey
Mike Sutton
Patti Templeton

Thank  you to our Community Builder Society Members!

Alfredo Anthony
Aubrey Posey-Hitchcock
Barbara Wilhite
Bruce Terwilliger
Carlos Yepes
Carol Hague
Carolynn Rosse
Charles and Mary Franckle
Chuck Warrington
Craig and Jan Sher
Craig and Joan Conrad
Dana and Charlene Mayo
David and Nancy Ridenour
Dean and Diane Gobo
Don Cadle
Doug and Gwen Campbell
Dr. Fred and Emily Gurtman
Dwight Miller
Elizabeth Sellers
Ellen Hirsch de Haan
Elodie Dorso
Eric Seidel
Frank Starkey
Gaby Camacho
George and Carolyn Cretekos
Heather Ford
Jaime Girgenti
Jarrett Dixon
Jeff and Brandy Fishman
Jenny and Brad Gonzalez-Bohnert
Jim and Allie Cantonis
Joe and Angelina Jimenez
Jordan and Melissa Myers
Karl Nurse
Ken and Kelly Ginel
Ken Rush
Kevin Hawkins
Linda Cliborne
Mark and Mary Roberds
Marlene Spalten
Matt Erickson
Mike Sutton
Morgan Brochetti
Pamela Lee
Patrick Blyeth
Patti Templeton
Randy Ware
Robert and Priscilla Hoag
Robin Waugh-Castle
Ronice Barlow
Scott and Julie Klavans
Sean and Ellen Bunner
Steve and Cathy Collins
TJ Haynes-Morgan
Todd St. John-Fulton

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