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On May 7th, 2023, Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco received the news that Ms. Carol Dunn, longtime Habitat volunteer had passed. Carol suffered a heart attack the week prior, but had been in touch.  She seemed in good spirits and recovering.  Unfortunately, Carol passed away on May 7th.  We will have more details on her services soon.

Carol had been a Habitat volunteer since 1997. She was part of our Weekday Warriors, a group of individuals who volunteer with Habitat at least two days per month. In addition to supporting our affiliate as a Homeowner Selection Committee member and on-site volunteer, Carol has also volunteered around the world with Habitat. Some of her best memories include her time on multiple Global Village Trips in El Salvador and on Carter Work Project Builds in Appalachia and Thailand.

Carol decided to get involved with Habitat after retiring from her career as a high school and junior college teacher. “I was seeking things to do that were productive, constructive (no pun intended), and fun to do.”  She enjoys meeting new people and working alongside friends she has made while volunteering. “The people who show up for work are generous with their time, eager to help someone, and interestingly varied in their backgrounds. The homeowner candidates are eager, hard working, and happy.”

“As a partner on site and a partner with the Homeowner Selection Committee, I get the chance to work with people who are serious about helping themselves and their family. No homeowner candidate thinks this is going to be easy, but it doesn’t stop them. It is a joy to see someone from interview all the way to turning over the keys. It changes lives.”

In 2016, Carol was featured on the 10News’ On the Road segment: https://www.wtsp.com/article/entertainment/places/bobby-lewis-on-the-road/81-year-old-house-builder-doesnt-let-age-slow-her-down/67-121486657

Rest easy, Ms. Carol.  We will forever be thankful for her contribution to the Habitat mission and our community.

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