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“Home is where you feel safe and invite people to gather for love and friendship,” says volunteer, Susan Sullivan.

Susan Sullivan, a now-retired School Social Worker for Pinellas County Schools, has been volunteering for Habitat since 1997. Originally from Massachusetts, she moved down to Florida in the 70’s where her mother lived at local community, Westminster Palms. This is where Susan met previous Habitat director, Judy Stadler, who introduced her to volunteering with our affiliate.

“I like following the Homeowners in their journey to build their homes, after meeting them during a home visit in their previous living situations.  Of course, home dedications and presenting them with their Bible are the best!”

Susan has volunteered on our build sites a few times, and mentioned how great the supervisors and other volunteers were during her experience. She also has attending multiple Habitat events throughout past years. “Before the days of Galas in fancy hotels, we graduated from silent auctions in church halls to our best fundraiser at Gulport Casino. We thought that was such a success!”

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