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Bruce Goss, an engineer in the electric distribution industry, began volunteering with Habitat in April 2019. “I had never built houses, or been around construction, until I started volunteering with Habitat.”

Bruce decided to volunteer with Habitat because he wanted to give back to the community. “I wanted do something good for others, and at the same time learn a few things about how houses are built from the ground up.”

When asked what Bruce likes most about his volunteer experience with Habitat, he explained that he loves interacting with homeowner candidates and seeing their hard work and determination pay off. “A lot of these folks have gone through more than a few trials, and to see someone lifting themselves up to gain a better life is very inspiring.”

Bruce’s favorite day on the build site is when the landscaping is completed. “It may not be everyone’s favorite day, but for me the day that I helped with landscaping was one of the best. There is something special about showing up to a house that has no grass on the lawn, and then watching as a few pallets of grass transforms a house into a home, at least from the outside.”

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