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Ashley Couser, a local Realtor, loves spending her free time giving back to the community. She has been a Habitat volunteer for over two years now.

Ashley says she loves to volunteer with Habitat “because it gives me the opportunity to give back. There is nothing greater than the giving of oneself (your time, work, talents, treasures) with no expectation of anything in return. It’s incredible being a part of the happiness that Habitat brings to these families.”

“Seeing the home be built, evolve and turn into the dream that these families’ have is pretty incredible, and knowing your hands played a part in building that dream- it’s pretty awesome”

She says that she has too many great Habitat memories to count. “My favorite days are honestly the ones where our backs are against the wall with either a job, a time frame or being short-handed because every time that’s the case it’s amazing how much the people on site shine and always come through and make it happen.”

Thank you, Ashley, for your continued support and dedication as a Habitat volunteer!

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