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Summer is right around the corner and the ReStore is ready to help keep you cool. Here are some basic steps you can take to keep your home cool during the summer:

  • Shade: Get coverage on your windows. Blinds or shades are quick additions you can add to windows to block out sunlight and heat to prevent your house from heating up in the summer.
  • Circulation: Get wind flow throughout your home. Oscillating fans and box fans are easy additions to get some effortless cooling. Another alternative if you don’t have one already is a ceiling fan. It wouldn’t occupy floor space like the other options but might require a handyman if you aren’t very tool savvy. Ceiling fans can also be set to turn counterclockwise, which moves warmth away to cool the home.
  • Dehumidify: We’ve all heard the phrase “hot and humid”. A dehumidifier is a simple and effective machine that can easily remove the humidity in the air. All you must do is plug in the dehumidifier into an outlet and it starts working on its own. It comes in all different sizes to fit your space.
  • Lights: Turn off those lights please. Light bulbs give off heat when they are on. If you must have the light on, switch your bulbs to LED bulbs. They don’t emanate as much heat and have a longer life span than incandescent and CFL bulbs.
  • Air Conditioning: Probably the quickest way to cool your home. There are three different kinds of air conditioners to fit your needs. Window units and portable units may be a DIY project with the right guidance. Installing or replacing a central air conditioner usually requires professional assistance.
  • Doors: Have you heard the phrase, “Were you raised in a barn?” If it’s cooler inside the home versus outside, close the door otherwise the cool air is escaping. Replacing or fixing damages could help prevent losing the refreshing air to the heat.
  • Windows: Make use of everything you’ve got. If there is a cool breeze outside; open the window on opposite ends of the house. This process is call cross-ventilation.
  • Exhaust fans: Hot and humid begone. Turn on the exhaust fan in your range hood and bathroom. Not only does it draw out the humidity in the air, but also removes hot air in the home as well.

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