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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. As our staff works remotely for the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing how the Habitat team is staying positive during these changing times. 

“Home is where the best meals are shared with the ones you love,” says Ken Rush, EVP of Operations. Although working remotely can be a challenge, he says that staying positive is the best way to set yourself up for success at this time.

To stay positive, he’s enjoyed some lighthearted social media posts. “There have been so many posts that are funny, and are keeping spirits up and making me laugh. Search Youtube for “things that people are doing while in quarantine.”

While Ken has some more “me” time out of the office, he would love to spend the time doing his favorite outdoor activities. “I love to golf, fish, and hunt so I take advantage of alone time to do those activities.”

When he’s home, Ken enjoys cooking, watching movies, and working on his house. Lately, he has “made phone calls and texts to check in on people, just to see how they are doing” including his mom, sister, and daughter.

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