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In Florida, hurricane season begins on June 1st. The ReStore is here to help you prepare in advance. Here are some tips and tricks to make your home hurricane-ready:

  1. Doors and Windows: Make sure your doors and windows are safe. Ideally, you’d want to swap the windows and any glass on the doors out for high impact hurricane ready ones. Otherwise installing shutters on them is an easy alternative to protect you from the raging wind. In order to be properly prepared for a storm, shutter installation should be practiced at least once in good weather conditions. A breached window during a storm causes a pressure difference that can blow your roof off. Proper window protection will strongly reduce this risk.
  2. Debris: Clear your property of debris. Move loose furniture into a storage bin and store loose tools in a toolbox. Check your backyard; cleaning gutters, pruning trees and removing dead branches can eliminate risk from flying debris.
  3. Roofing: Hurricane force winds have the potential to pull off roof shingles, tiles, or even the underlying roof deck. Take this time to check the roof condition before a storm occurs. This project would vary depending on your home, therefore a professional roof inspection may be needed.
  4. Garage: The garage is a place that is often forgotten. Ensure your garage door is up to par, whether it’s the opening and closing system or the door itself. If the garage door comes off, it can take off the whole roof and knock around everything within it. Pack away all of your items together if possible.
  5. Flooding: Water needs to flow or it’ll flood. Keep your downspouts and gutters clean and free of damage. If it doesn’t go down and away, your roof and attic is where it’ll stay. Sandbags are also simple tools that are good to have on hand. these can be stored and used when necessary.
  6. Power and Supplies: From generators to candles all the way to grills. Keep an emergency kit and supplies handy in advance.

As you prepare for hurricane season, keep the ReStore in mind for your preparation needs! As Samuel Lover once said, “Better safe than sorry”.

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