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Storm Shutter Installation Procedures for Habitat Homeowners

Steel Panel Instructions*
1. Find your house shutter pictures. This will indicate which panels match with specific windows. All window panels are marked.
2. Wearing gloves, carry the panels one at a time and lay in front of the specified window. Warning: edges are very sharp!
3. Remove the rubber cap covering the studs. Be sure to store the caps in a safe place!
4. Install panels lining the shutter holes over the studs from the bottom of the window upward.
5. Fasten and tighten wingnuts over studs to hold panels in place. Be sure to overlap the panels!


Reverse the installation procedures making sure you replace the rubber caps. Put the wingnuts in a safe place so you have them when needed.

Important Points to Remember!
• Disposing of your hurricane shutters could cause a premium increase and/ or invalidate your insurance!
• In order to be properly prepared for a storm, shutter installation should be practiced at least once in good weather conditions.
• A breached window during a storm causes a pressure difference that can blow your roof off. Proper window protection will strongly reduce this risk.

* NOTE: Some shutters may require a track to be installed over door and window openings first

Hurricane Shutter Installation Videos




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