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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. Many are homebound for the upcoming months, which leaves a lot of our families facing tough challenges. However, others are making the best of the situation and finding ways to stay positive. We will be sharing updates that our homeowner candidates shared about how their families are staying positive during this time.

William and his two children, Da’Niyah and William Jr., are staying busy with fun activities to keep a positive mindset this year. They have had an exciting couple of months through the program, and recently were able to pick out plans for their house!

Aside from their favorite games of Monopoly or playing in the pool, the family had a fun night where they made noodles from scratch. “It was fun mixing the dough and cutting our own noodles for an Asian inspired meal.” 

William works in the healthcare industry, so he has worked longer days than usual. “A coworker saw that I was having a rough night at work one day, so they helped me get through the rough patch of things that were going on. He brought Starbucks to cheer me up and give that extra boost of energy. There was also a great time around May where the community got together to thank all of us healthcare workers for everything we have been doing during the pandemic.”

When William needs some “me” time after work, some of his favorite things to do include working on art projects, and going fishing. “I also like to sit and meditate, or I go for a run or exercise in some way.”

The family currently owns a Husky, and William mentions that he loves to see other peoples dogs on social media. “It makes me smile looking at other people’s crazy Huskies and knowing I’m not the only one! The truly are funny dogs. They sleep upside down, and when they want something they really let you know.”

William leaves us with some words of wisdom. “Never give up. Even when things seem hard or rough, if you keep pushing you can always overcome it.”

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