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Homeowner Positivity Update: Jamie Edwards

By September 24, 2020One Comment

Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. Many are homebound for the upcoming months, which leaves a lot of our families facing tough challenges. However, others are making the best of the situation and finding ways to stay positive. We will be sharing updates that our homeowner candidates shared about how their families are staying positive during this time.

Jamie, a mother of four, has been spending a lot of time with her children and grandchildren to keep their spirits high. Instead of their usual summer travels as a family, they have been spending time with game nights, sports days, and other stress relievers. As a recent graduate from SPC, she didnt see herself going back to school anytime soon. However, after some inspirtational words from a friend, Jamie enrolled in school. “Being a mother at a young age, I never thought about furthering my career. my main focus was my children. I am extremely proud of myself for doing this!”

Jamie works in healthcare, which can lead to long shifts, especially during this time. “One eventing I ended my very long shift at work, and decided to have a bite to eat at a restaurant before going home. After asking the waitress for the bill, she stated that it had been paid for. The person who paid said ‘thank you for serving as a healthcare worker during these uncertain times.’ I was so appreciative of this. That was so kind and thoughtful!”

Jamie’s positive mindset also comes from seeing everything her grandchildren do. One social media post that made her smile was, “My daughter planned a trip to Pennsylvania with my grandchildren. They were super excited about flying on an airplane, and my granddaughter was singing ‘were going to Pizza-bean-ya’ instead of Pennsylvania. It melts my healt, I love seeing what the kids say.”

Jamie leaves us with some words of wisdom to live by. “Live, love, laugh and enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones! You never know what will happen tomorrow.”

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