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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. Many are homebound for the upcoming months, which leaves a lot of our families facing tough challenges. However, others are making the best of the situation and finding ways to stay positive. We will be sharing updates that our homeowner candidates shared about how their families are staying positive during this time.

Amanda and children are staying hopeful during these uncertain times. Although they have had a rough summer, they are finding ways to bring peace into their family.

When she is having a hard day, and needs some “me” time, Amanda says she sits on her balcony, “breaths, prays, and relaxes in peace and quiet.” She also loves to take walks with the family to get some exercise when they can.

The family is quickly moving through the Habitat Homeownership Program and Amanda says, “Determination is my motivation.” The family just recently picked the lot for their home, and drove over to the area together to see for the first time. “We thanked God for this.”

Thinking of ways her friends have supported her during this year, Amanda says, “My friend Michelle sent me a Peace Lilly plant after my mother passed away. It really touched my heart, as I had never had a flower delivery. It made me cry, and I thanked her a million times. That was so kind of her.”


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