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“Habitat for Humanity is an opportunity for homeownership. They provide life skills to help maintain your home and side by side guidance along the way.”

Meet Octavia Youngblood, a single mother in the Habitat for Humanity program, navigating the challenges of high rent and seeking a stable, affordable home for herself and her 8-year-old son, Nasir. She shares, “If I am not working, I am spending quality time with my son; we have date night twice a month. We like to just have fun and do new things together, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, attending shows, or visiting kid-friendly amusement parks.”

Octavia’s decision to join the Habitat program stemmed from the unsustainable nature of rising rental costs. She expresses, “With the continuance of rental increase, it is just too costly, challenging, and unpredictable.” Upon her acceptance into the program in January, Octavia reflects on her thoughts, saying,
“Wow, 2023 will be great! Off to a great start, ready for the journey!” Octavia envisions her new home as a secure and enjoyable space for Nasir to play freely outdoors, pursuing his interests like climbing trees, flying drones, and playing baseball without the concern of damaging someone else’s property.

For Octavia, home signifies a place where memories are made, love is shared, and security is established. She emphasizes, “I am excited for my son to play outdoors without worry. I want to get away from the ongoing rental increase and provide a place of security for him.” Octavia views Habitat for Humanity not just as an opportunity for homeownership, but as a platform offering life skills to help maintain one’s home, providing side-by-side guidance along the way.


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