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“My house will be a cherished space where my loved ones and I will come together to create lasting memories.”

Alicea, a loving mother of two, is working her way through the Habitat program so she can achieve her dream of becoming a homeowner. With her 11-year-old son, Jyais, who is passionate about gaming and cooking, and her 6-year-old daughter, Kyri, who loves dance, art, and animals, Alicea’s life is filled with love and learning. Her days are also devoted to caring for her elderly parents and grandmother, a testament to her unwavering commitment to family.

“Growing up in St. Petersburg, I was fortunate to be raised in a family that valued homeownership,” Alicea shares. “However, when it came time for me to purchase my own home, it was consistently out of my financial reach.” The journey to improve her credit score and secure a loan was long and challenging, only to be met with the soaring home prices of 2020. But Alicea remained determined, residing in the same rented apartment despite escalating rent prices. “Although I am currently making more money than I ever have, I still feel like I cannot afford to buy my own home for my family,” she explains.

When Alicea received the news of her acceptance into the Habitat for Humanity program, a whirlwind of emotions took over. “The realization that I might finally have the opportunity to own my own home was both surprising and exhilarating,” she recalls. Looking ahead, Alicea envisions a brighter future with a Habitat home. “The constant worry about finding an affordable place to raise my children will no longer consume my thoughts,” she says. The thought of her children playing freely outside and the freedom from worrying about rent increases fills her with joy.

Alicea’s journey with Habitat for Humanity is a powerful reminder of the impact that stable housing can have on a family’s future. Your support can help more families like Alicea’s achieve their dreams of homeownership. Consider donating to Habitat for Humanity today and be a part of this life-changing mission. Learn more on our Donate Page.

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