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“My house will be my castle, my dreams, my fortress, and my future for the next generation to come after me.”

Thomasina Williams, a single mother in the Habitat for Humanity program, is a dedicated phlebotomist and a proud mother of two sons, Allen (22) and Alex (20). Alex dreams of becoming a barber one day and Alex will soon be joining the Marines. Despite facing hardships throughout her life, Thomasina credits her faith in God for bringing her to a better place. Thomasina comes from a close-knit family with eight brothers and one sister, and they all strive to maintain strong communication and support for each other.

Thomasina has endured difficult and challenging times, including a period of homelessness with her boys when they were just toddlers. She worked tirelessly, often with sleepless nights, to provide for them. Despite the numerous setbacks and moments of despair, Thomasina’s unwavering love for her children kept her going. She acknowledges the mistakes she has made in the past but is grateful for the chance to turn her life around and become the provider and parent her own parents were.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, Thomasina’s life is taking a turn for the better. She finds renewed purpose and a sense of belonging through the program. With a home of her own on the horizon, Thomasina envisions a brighter future for herself and her boys. “My life is already looking different. I have something to look forward to. I have a goal and a purpose. I’m striving for something that I can call my own and where my boys can hold their head up high and be proud of their mother,” Thomasina says. She sees her house as a symbol of strength, dreams, and a legacy for the next generation. Thomasina feels blessed, grateful, and overwhelmed with joy at the opportunities that lie ahead.

If you are considering applying to the Habitat for Humanity program, Thomasina encourages you not to hesitate. “This is the best thing that can happen to someone who seeks a better life and is committed to the program,” she tells us. It is not only a transformative opportunity for individual families but also a chance to contribute to the community. To support Habitat for Humanity and help more families like Thomasina’s, please visit our Donate Page on our website to learn more about financial contributions you can make to our organization. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need of safe and affordable housing.

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