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“I am looking forward to having my own safe space and being able to practice my gardening skills.”

Meet Kadara, a Nonprofit Workforce Development worker at Worknet Pinellas, who is determined to achieve homeownership and is embarking on an inspiring journey with Habitat for Humanity to make her dream a reality. Kadara describes herself as outgoing, passionate, and enjoys serving others in the community. “I love donating my time to help youth find opportunities for their future and help where I can when additional assistance is needed,” she tells us. She hopes to own her own nonprofit one day.

Like many others in the Pinellas and West Pasco community, Kadara experienced the burden of not having easy access to safe and affordable housing and a nice place to call home. She took the first step towards achieving her dream of homeownership by applying to the Habitat for Humanity program. When she was surprised with her acceptance, Kadara cried many happy tears. “I was thankful and felt like I made it over the hill. I felt so happy, excited, nervous, and relieved.”

In her new home, Kadara is looking forward to practicing her gardening skills in her own spacious yard. She tells us that her future home will be “awesome, special, and blessed”. If you or someone you know is looking for the opportunity to achieve the American dream of homeownership with Habitat, please visit our Apply Page for more information.

“I am building because I want to provide a better future for myself and my family.”

The Williams Family Home was dedicated on May 23rd, 2023.

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