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The Tubah family is full of love, laughter, and determination. “We are a family that loves to be together. Most importantly we love God and love others.”

Quennaih works as a LSF Head Start Teacher, and has been a teacher for ten years. She is married to her husband, Dargar, and has two children, Richmond and Prosper. Richmond, her oldest son, loves to play soccer and talk to everyone. Her youngest son, Prosper, loves to sing. “We all enjoy laughing at silly things and watching family movies.”

The Tubah family currently lives in a two bedroom home with four more of their family members, leaving the space very overcrowded. “Eight people sharing two bedrooms and one bathroom. It is so difficult to get ready in the morning especially because everybody leaves the house at the same time.” They also have experienced maintenance issues with their sewage line, and their air conditioning not working in the middle of summer.

“We are so excited and determined to do whatever it takes to have our first home completed.”

The family is building in order to have a safer home environment for their children. Dragar has especially enjoyed the building process as he says it gives him “the hands on education on how to take care of the basic needs of a home.” Quennaih says, “I like that we are able to communicate with other people who have similar needs as us.”

“I imagine my children being able to invite friends over for birthdays and having their own space to play. I imagine setting my own kitchen table for Thanksgiving, and being able to have friends and family over. I imagine my husband being prideful, because he is the owner of a beautiful home.”

The Tubah family closed on their home in March of 2020, and are so thankful to be living in their new home. “We are so very thankful for all of the people that have worked hard to keep this program alive.”

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