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“I imagine our lives will be different because we will have something to call our own. This home will be ours now and forever.”

Clarice Taylor works in Human Resources at St. Petersburg College. She has been in that position for six years and loves to serve others in a place that is all about working hard to achieve your goals and dreams. Now, it is Clarice’s turn as she is on her way to becoming a homeowner.

Clarice is excited to put a permanent roof over her head and the heads of her daughter, Cammi (7), and niece, Bra’Niya (17). “We are a caring, loving, loyal team of three, committed to this journey,” said Clarice. The family is working to build a home with plenty of heart when they move in. They believe it is up to them to bring that house to life.

When Clarice got into the Habitat homeownership program she thought it was a prank. “I was speechless,” said Clarice. “I really didn’t think it was really, but it was. All I could do was say, ‘oh my gosh, I did…I DID IT!” In the Habitat program our candidates are required to put in between 350-450 sweat equity hours by volunteering on Habitat construction sites or at our two Habitat ReStores. Clarice was not sure how she would do on a build site, but now she is a natural when it comes to any task. She has become a favorite of Habitat site supervisors who always see her show up with a positive attitude and great energy. Clarice encourages everyone in the community to volunteer with Habitat and learn new skills while helping families build their homes. “Anyone who is hesitant should know that if I can get out there and learn, then you can too,” said Clarice. “In the words of Nike, ‘Just Do It’.”

If you would like to volunteer with Habitat, visit the volunteer page on our website.

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