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“My house will be a place of comfort and peace. A place that I can leave to my family. A place that I’m able to take care of and it will take care of me.”

Meet Greg and Cherrice, a husband and wife who share a deep love for family gatherings, sports, and enjoying each other’s company. Despite their strong bond, they’ve endured four years of living apart due to homelessness. However, their lives took a hopeful turn when they were accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program. Cherrice recalls, “My heart skipped a beat literally. I thanked God and there was an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.”

For Greg and Cherrice, the experience of being part of Habitat for Humanity has been transformative. Cherrice expresses her appreciation for the organization’s mission, saying, “Time and time again, every time I go to help build someone else’s home or work on my own home, I stand in awe that there’s actually an organization that is helping bring families together from all walks of life.”

Looking ahead, Greg and Cherrice eagerly anticipate the peace of mind, safety, and stability that their new Habitat home will provide. They long for family gatherings, cooking together, and creating cherished memories under their own roof. Cherrice is determined never to face homelessness again and expresses her pride in being part of the Habitat for Humanity community. “Now that I’m part of this organization, I will always be a part of this organization, and for that, I am proud,” she affirms.

Greg and Cherrice’s story is a testament to the transformative impact of stable housing and the support provided by organizations like Habitat for Humanity. If you or someone you know is facing housing instability, consider applying to the Habitat program or referring a friend. Together, we can help more families like Greg and Cherrice find safety, security, and the sense of freedom that comes with having a place to call home. Learn more about how to apply on our Apply Page.

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