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“For the first time, we will know what it feels like to be home.”

Asia, a mother of two daughters Amari and Alana, works for Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office as a Public Safety Telecommunicator. She has been with them going on three year’s now, and loves serving her community. “Me and my girls trust God and do our best to be good to others and to one another. We are a very loving, silly group who values quality time with each other.”

Asia’s oldest daughter, Amari, is an amazing artist. She enjoys every form of art (especially painting), anime, and video games. Her daughter, Alana, is a wonderful dancer. She really enjoys dance, gymnastics, and all things Barbie.

The family of three applied to the Habitat program after living with Asia’s mother and nephew for a year. The home was much in need of repairs, was overcrowded, and five people had to share one bathroom. To top it off, they faced many security issues. When accepted into the Habitat program, Asia said, “My first thought was ‘this is surreal’, we are finally getting our own home!”

“Everyone who gives time to this organization is an instrumental part of making someone’s dream come true. Your help is appreciated more than you could imagine!”

Asia imagines their home to be spacious and comfortable. “It will be a space where we can thrive, and for the first time, we will know what it feels like to be HOME. We will finally have peace knowing that we worked hard to earn our home.”

The family will now be able to host Thanksgiving, have holidays at home, and invite family over for the first time. “My girls will have their own space. We are creating a sanctuary for all of us. I know in my heart this this is the best, and most responsible, route for my children and I.”

“Home is where the heart is truly; it’s where broken pieces are put back together, great memories are made, and where the most love is shared.”

The Snipes’ home was sponsored by The House that Law Built and was dedicated in June 2021.

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