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“I am building because I want to be a part of a dream that will last.”

Meet Mary, a determined woman who is on her homeownership journey in the Habitat program. Whether she’s enjoying the sunshine on a boat, kayaking, or strolling on the beach, Mary finds peace in nature. She also loves early morning walks before work, parks, and music festivals. Having been married for 20 years and now divorced, Mary has four grown children who have moved out and are busy with their own lives. Her youngest daughter recently blessed Mary with her first grandchild, a little boy named Cameron.

Currently, Mary is staying temporarily with her nephew and his three young children in a crowded two-bedroom house. “Although I am extremely grateful to temporarily have a place to stay, I sleep on the couch because the bedrooms are all full,” she shares. The lack of sleep and the busy, crowded environment make life challenging for her. Her nephew, a single parent, also struggles with the demands of raising his children alone.

Despite these hardships, Mary recently received uplifting news: she has been accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program.”I thought I would not be a qualifiable candidate because I was single and did not have any children. That’s what everyone was telling me!” she recalls. The acceptance brought her immense joy and hope. “I can’t wait to become a homeowner and show EVERYONE how wrong they were and show them that this program does not discriminate against hard-working people just struggling to make ends meet every month,” she exclaims.

Owning a home through Habitat for Humanity means stability and security for Mary. “I will finally have a sense of security. I will not have to stress about what I will do when the rent continues to go up. I will NEVER have to worry about moving again,” she says. Mary looks forward to having her own space, and she is excited about the possibility of finally getting a pet.

Mary’s story highlights the critical importance of affordable housing programs like Habitat for Humanity. We provide not just homes, but hope and stability for individuals and families in need. For more information on how to apply or refer a friend to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

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