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“Home is where you build the foundations of a brighter future with your family”.

Aurora Sakers was thrilled when she was accepted into the Habitat homeownership program. Aurora and her teenage daughter, Ash, are the 700th family to partner with Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco Counties. This August, they will become homeowners in Tellor Estates, the affiliate’s largest development to date located in Pinellas Park.

Aurora has worked as an Assembly Technician for Compulink for two years. She applied to the program to provide better stability for her daughter. Her daughter, Ash, loves music, reading, writing, and history. “As for me; I’m a hard-working single parent,” says Aurora, “I will work from sun up to sun down and then some, just to make sure Ash has all she needs to be successful. I know my job as a parent is to set my child up for success. Going through the Habitat Homeowner Program with Ash by my side helps her to understand what it takes to be a homeowner. One day she will be able to get there herself. I have no doubt Ash will be successful in all she does.”

Having moved countless times because of unmanageable rents and rental increases, Aurora found herself paying far too much of her income to rent. “All of the relocating has caused a lot of instability and uncertainties as to where will we live. I have had to work a full-time (with overtime) and a part-time job to barely meet the bare minimum of our needs. I am so blessed to have Ash help so much around the house, but because of the workload I can rarely be home to spend time with her.”

Earlier this year, Aurora was accepted into the Habitat Homeowner Program. “I was at work when Jack called and told me the wonderful news and I cried. I was so speechless! The feeling of excitement, peacefulness, and a sense of relief was all I had.

“I will have a sense of accomplishment knowing that my forever home is mine. I will never again have to move because the lease is expired or has gone up in price. This will ease the worries of any instability issues.”

The family cannot wait to have a peaceful, quiet home where they can grill in their own backyard. “Knowing I never have to pack up and move again is indescribable.”

The Sakers dedication occurred on August 30th, 2021 and they became Habitat for Pinellas & West Pasco’s 700th Habitat Homeowners.

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