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“My house will be the stepping stone to a new future.”

Ronda Roxbury is a single mother and delivery driver for Amazon. She has two sons: Austin who is 17 and Jaxson who is 7. Austin loves playing video games, reading, and walking around the mall with his friends. When he grows up he wants to be a chef and run his own restaurant that serves French cuisine. Currently, Jaxson’s interests are monster trucks, dressing up like super heroes, and playing baseball. He loves to have his mom read a book to him each night – one that he picks out of course! Ronda describes her family has “hard-working and fun loving”. Quality time together is very important for the family. “Austin and I are adventurous we like to go out and try to do different things. We have gone snorkeling, shark teeth finding, and for his graduation present I want to take him on a cruise to Mexico so he can see more of the world. Jaxson is very laid-back doesn’t like to do much so we have to push him. We love going to the beach and collecting shells for our collection. As a family, we love making crafts together for the holidays – with a little push from Mommy of course!”

Before applying for the Habitat program, Ronda was moving her family around quite frequently and was never able to find stability in an affordable home. Austin is going to school in North Carolina because he wanted to stay in one place for his senior year of high school. “I couldn’t promise him that we wouldn’t have to move again. When he is here he sleeps on the pull-out couch. I cannot afford an apartment that is more than two bedrooms and my boys are 10 years apart so they cannot share a bedroom together. We live in apartments so there is no yard for Jaxson to play in and he loves to play baseball. ”

After finding out her family was accepted into the Habitat program, the first thing Ronda did was cry tears of joy. “I didn’t believe it was real. The thought that my dreams could be coming true to own a house and have a stable place for me and my kids. I was so happy and still am in disbelief.” Ronda is excited that she will never have to worry about moving her family again. “Having to uproot my children away from their school or their friends. The future will be different because now I will have a place that my children can grow up in, leave and come back to. I will also have something to leave them. I feel I will have less anxiety in my life knowing that I have something stable – a house from Habitat.”

If you or your business is interested in donating to or sponsoring a home for a family such as the Davis’, please check out our Donate Page on our website to learn more about how you can support our program and the families in our community.

“Home is where you make memories for a lifetime.”

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The Roxbury Family home was dedicated on April 26th, 2023.

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