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“I imagine life will be different in a Habitat home because it will build stability, character, and memories for my babies and I.”

Meet Jazzmine, a single mother of two wonderful children, Ja’Dore (10) and Kyree (3). Ja’Dore enjoys art, painting, drawing, and crafting beautiful bead sets. On the other hand, Kyree is fascinated by cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and anything related to Spider-Man that sparks his imagination. Jazzmine’s journey with Habitat for Humanity began amidst the challenges of unstable housing due to escalating rent prices and inadequate space for her growing family.

Reflecting on her acceptance into the Habitat program, Jazzmine shares, “My first thoughts were this is a dream come true for my babies and I!” For her, a Habitat home represents more than just shelter; it’s an opportunity to build stability, character, and lasting memories for her children and herself. Jazzmine eagerly anticipates having her own yard, envisioning a space where her children can play and thrive.

As a devoted mother, Jazzmine’s motivation for building with Habitat for Humanity is clear: “I am building because I am a mom. I have two little people that depend on me. My house will be filled with love!” She recognizes that a stable home is essential for providing a nurturing environment where her children can flourish and grow.

For Jazzmine, Habitat for Humanity is a dream come true—a beacon of hope and opportunity for her family. She believes that home is where love and peace reside, and she is grateful for the chance to create such a home for her children. As she embarks on this journey, Jazzmine encourages others to join the cause and make a difference in the lives of families like hers.

In conclusion, Jazzmine’s story highlights the transformative impact of Habitat for Humanity on families in need of stable housing. If you’re inspired by her story, consider taking action and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Learn more about how to get involved on our Volunteer Page.

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