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“Our home will have an awesome story that we can share with everyone who enters.”

“Our family of three is very close, and devoted to God. We try not to take anything we have for granted, having prayed and waited on God’s timing for all these amazing gifts from God – each other and our son.”

Their four-year-old son, Gabe, loves to help his dad with tools to fix things around the house. He loves making breakfast, and said he wants to be a chef when he grows up. He loves swimming, baseball, soccer, and playing with cars and trucks. Chris works as a middle school dean, Bible teacher, and track coach at Cambridge Christian School. He and Amanda teach Sunday school at their church. Amanda worked at a marketing company for seventeen years before becoming a homemaker to take care of Gabe full time. Her and Chris have a heart for fostering and adopting and hope to do it in future years.

“Our family loves people and has a heart to help them, pray with them, mentor them and open our door to them. We love to be together and love each other’s company in the evenings and on the weekend.” The couple had been renting a home in St. Petersburg for five years, and had many challenges along the way with little help from their landlord. “When we applied, we had a pretty bad leak under the kitchen sink that rotted a couple of the wood floorboards on the kitchen floor. For the area, our income, and for me to stay home and raise Gabe we just couldn’t afford anything better. It is all too expensive.”

When accepted into the Habitat program, Amanda said, “we couldn’t believe this was actually happening but we knew good things were in store for this journey. We knew our prayers had been answered for a home of our own! We didn’t realize the impact our home will have on our neighbors, family, friends, and community. Our life will be greater but also more purposeful.”

“God has graciously blessed us with a new and forever home, so we will use this blessing to bless others. Our home will be a place where the door is always open, and people will always be welcomed and loved.”

The Resa’s closed on their home in June 2020. Special thanks to Crown Automotive for sponsoring this home. To watch their home dedication, visit https://youtu.be/Smt_wNVbWj8.

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  • Patricia Peak says:

    WOW! Congratulations Chris and Amanda! What wonderful news. So excited for you.

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