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“Finally I’m in a position where I can do this for myself, and stand on my own as a homeowner. This house will be my legacy.”

Angela closed on her Habitat home in July of 2020. Special thanks to her home sponsors, Collins Charitable Foundation.

Angela, a retired special education teacher, stays actively involved in the community, specifically when it comes to mental health. She moved to the area to take care of her grandmother, and has since volunteered for many organizations.

“I volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness as a Connections Support Group Facilitator. I teach people how to use a Wellness Recovery Action Plan to manage their daily being. I also offer easy construction lessons to children at the local library using materials donated by Home Depot. I’m passionate about mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness from a faith based perspective. My home has been a safe space for many friends, especially when they are going through a mental health crisis.”

Before moving into her home, Angela faced challenges that made it difficult to stay in her home. She lived on the second floor, and climbing stairs everyday became a challenge. When it rained, there was major flooding issues on the property, and she says, “It took six months for the maintenance and exterminator to successfully address rodents in the attic. I was unable to sleep in my bedroom at the time. I couldn’t believe I was paying to live a place where I couldn’t find peace.” With the rising cost of rent, Angela knew she couldn’t stay much longer.

“When I found out I was accepted into the Habitat program I was in shock. I knew this was just the first checkpoint towards owning my home. It is a rewarding experience to help someone build their life dream, and see them accomplish homeownership. It is a thing of pride to give energy towards someone’s happiness.”

“I see myself having richer conversations and gatherings because I have a space that will be inviting and inclusive for my neighbors, friends, and family. My home will be a true sense of security.”

Watch Angela’s home dedication at https://youtu.be/PrKWlL1PGX0

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