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“Habitat for Humanity is life changing.” 

Jasmin Ray, an office assistant for Pinellas County Housing Authority and mother of two young boys,  is rounding the corner and eagerly anticipating the completion of her new Habitat home.

Her two sons, Amar and Kymier, love to spend time together playing video games. Amar loves his crystal collection and is always doing science research, whereas Kymier is a great artist and loves to sing and dance.  “I try to teach my kids that life can change at any time, and there is no limit on what and when something can happen. It is important to me that my kids know that everything I do is for them, and I believe that family is important. I make sure that every weekend we do something fun together since the week is mostly consisting of school and work. ”

Before Habitat, Jasmin described her current living situation, which has been very hard to maintain due to affordability. “I have had to remove my children from before and after school care because I was unable to afford both rent and daycare. If I had any unexpected expenses, my rent would have to be late which would cause even more of a financial strain, and added late fees. I have been working on my credit so hard for the past four years, trying to get into the Habitat program.”

When she was finally accepted into the Habitat program, Jasmin said “I was elated and filled with hope, joy, and relief when I found out that I was accepted. I was in shock because it was such a surprise!”

“I expect to learn and meet new people who may have similar experiences to mine through this program. I’m looking forward to giving back and working hard for something of my own. I hope to

 even learn handy skills while working on build sites. 

I am most looking forward to having my own yard that I can garden in, relax and allow my kids to play freely in my new home. I am looking forward to the peace of mind that comes with owning your own home. Owning my home could inspire and teach my children to become homeowners, which has been shown to increase generational wealth. This program is life-changing.”

The Ray family’s home was dedicated on July 31st, 2021 and was sponsored by Frenchy’s Clearwater Beach Restaurants.

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