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“My home will be a foundation of love, peace and happy memories!”

Meet Jakevia, a devoted single parent raising three wonderful children: her daughter, Zariah (age 16), and her two sons, Eric (age 14) and Sincere (age 11). Jakevia is dedicated to supporting her children in pursuing their interests and dreams. Zariah is passionate about dance, basketball, and spending time with her cousins at the pier. Eric enjoys football, video games, and television, while Sincere has a love for football, basketball, reading, and gaming. Jakevia not only juggles the responsibilities of parenthood but also volunteers as a cheer coach for a local football and cheer organization.

Jakevia’s journey has been marked by both triumphs and hardships. She works tirelessly to provide for her family, but her living situation has been far from ideal. She shares, “My living situation has been an emotional roller coaster… I currently live in an old 3-bedroom, 1-bath home and deal with multiple issues.” The home is in a neighborhood that feels unsafe and the house is too small for herself and her growing children.

Despite these challenges, Jakevia remains resilient and hopeful for a brighter future. When she was accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program, it was a dream come true. “All I could say was thank you Jesus,” she reflects. “This is such a big deal for me and my kids. My life will be complete with my family and my home.” Jakevia eagerly anticipates the stability and peace that homeownership will bring, allowing her to focus on her children’s well-being and her own personal growth. She and her children will finally have a place to call their own—a place where they can feel safe, secure, and truly at home.

For Jakevia and her children, Habitat represents stability, safety, and the opportunity for a brighter future. With a stable home, Jakevia looks forward to pursuing her own educational goals and providing her children with a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive. If you’re inspired by Jakevia’s story and want to make a difference, consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Learn more on our Volunteer Page on our website.

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