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“I am building because my kids deserve a forever home and I want to give them one.”

Rae’Jean Pendleton is a Wellness Program Manager at the Homeless Empowerment Program who is on her journey towards homeownership. She is a single mother to her two children: 9-year-old Eribella and 7-year-old Enzo. Eribella is in third grade and has been trying out tennis this year. She is enjoying it so far! Enzo is in first grade and enjoys football and wrestling. He even won 1st place in his weight class and division this year at a local championship! As a family, they enjoy spending time together at dinners, game nights, and trampoline parks!

Finding an affordable place for Rae’Jean and her children to live has been very difficult, as many other families in our community can relate to. Her children have been staying with their father due to their housing situation. “Living separately has been the most challenging for us,” Rae’Jean tells us. “We are all looking forward to the stability homeownership will provide.” Being accepted into the Habitat program was a major relief for her. “We’ve really had to make the best out of a bad situation for the last couple years and being accepted made feel like all the trials and tribulations were worth it.”

In her new home, Rae’Jean is looking forward to her children having their own rooms and to have a front yard. “I’ve never had a yard of my own to maintain.” She is excited to get out onto the volunteer sites and learn how to use power tools and how to frame the home.

For anyone considering applying for the Habitat program, Rae’Jean offers this advice: “The process can be overwhelming at times but it’s possible. It’s truly obtainable. Don’t give up because YOU deserve this. Just keep going…one step at a time.” For more information on how to apply or refer a friend to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“My house will be a home.”

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The Pendleton Family home was dedicated on April 20th, 2023.

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