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“My house will be my prayer answered.”

Suhey Palao is a home visitor for R’Club and a single mother of two, her daughter Daphne and her son Ethan. Suhey enjoys reading, baking desserts, and spending time with her children. While most of her family lives in Puerto Rico, they are still close and connected. “We are a very united family with a lot of love to give,” Suhey explains.

Life has been difficult for Suhey. When she gave birth to Daphne at 20 years old, she needed to balance work, university, and raising her baby all at once. “I missed important moments of my daughter all because I had to support her,” she tells us. After graduating, she began working multiple shifts to provide the best possible life for her child, and later on, her son. Shortly after Ethan was born, Suhey decided to leave her home country in the hopes of providing a better life for her children. It’s been difficult, but her love for God and her family has kept her going. “I am working hard for all of my dreams and those of my children and I will not rest until I achieve them. They deserve the best of me and the best for them, they are my engine and my strength day by day.”

Suhey is most excited about creating treasured memories in her habitat home. She looks forward to playing with her children in her own patio, staring at the night sky and counting the stars, and watching her children grow up and achieve their dreams. She also looks forward to working on the build sites, because she loves helping others and seeing happy faces. Moreover, she hopes to make some friends along the way. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our build sites, please refer to our Volunteer Page for further information.

“Fight for your dreams and don’t rest until you get them.”

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