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“Take your baby step to walking and opening the door to your future. We did.”

Rosario (Rosie) Padron is a Sales Specialist in the Home Decor department of Lowes and has been working there since 2006. She is a single mother to four children, Eduardo (age 27), Valaria (age 23), Viviana (age 18), and Enrique (age 16). Valaria, the oldest daughter, has left the family nest, but the rest of the family continues to live with one another. “We are not ever perfect, but always together and united.” As a family, they love to spend time together by going to the beach nearby. When it comes to the children’s interests, Eduardo (aka Eddie) enjoys helping his younger brother, Enrique (aka AB), through life. Together, the two enjoy building Gundums together, which are Japanese military robot toys. The youngest daughter, Viviana (aka Vivi) is still in school and has a dream to become a medical assistant so she can help her mother out at home. AB is also in school, but has a strong love for riding his bike, even though he has gotten a couple of bumps and bruises along the way!

The challenges that the Padron family has been facing when it comes to their living situation is one that has been a continuous struggle for many families in America: a crowded apartment with high living costs. After her divorce, Rosie was forced to pick up a second job to help cover the bills, but sometimes that was never enough. She would have to choose what to pay first: rent, water, electric, fixing her car, or her meds because they didn’t have any health coverage. “This is what we all families go through, but sometimes it a little harder for some families.” Receiving the news that the family was accepted into the program brought them happy tears. “We have a foundation. Thank you God,” Rosie says.

The Padron’s are excited and eager to begin earning their sweat equity hours on the build sites. “From my past experience with volunteering I know it’s hard work not only for the candidates and the staff, but for all involved. We except the same hard work, lots of sweat, and meeting great people that will lead to great results.” For anyone who is interested in volunteering with Habitat, Rosie offers these words of encouragement: “Volunteers make life so much easier. It helps bring that smile out of someone in need.” If you are looking to help bring out a smile from a hard working Habitat family, please check out our Volunteer Page for more information on how to get involved.

“My house will be the foundation my family needs.”



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