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Nash dedicationThe Nash family is full of hard-working and loving individuals who give back to those around them.

“I am building because I am blessed, genuinely care about my community, and I want the opportunity to give back. I am looking at my home as an investment in the lives of my children. They will always have a place to call home!”

Fatimah is the office coordinator at PACE Center for Girls, where she has been employed for over three years. Erica is a nursing major at Saint Petersburg College, where she earned a scholarship after graduating high school with Summa Cum Laude Honors. She loves photography, nature, creating art, and helping others. Trinity is interested in all things art. She loves to sing, write poetry and short stories, and dreams of having her own fashion collection. She is in the Arts Magnet program at her high school, where she participates in a program called Youth Making Economic Impact. Fatimah’s mother, Janice, lives with the family, and is “an exceptional cook, baker, seamstress, and prayer warrior.” She raised 13 children as a single mother and now helps to raise 22 grandchildren.

Nash Dedication 2

Prior to the Habitat homeownership program, the family lived in a small two-bedroom home, and constantly experienced issues with it. They had water damage in multiple parts of the home, termite infestations which caused structural issues, and “there was a smoldering fire in the walls for several days due to a faulty circuit box that was plastered in the wall.” Along with this, the home was overcrowded, leaving Fatimah to turn the living room into an extra bedroom.

“My house will be the rock and foundation for my children. It will be our symbol of stability. I have been blessed with the opportunity to buy a home for my family and I. This is the dream that I thought, with being a single mother, would never be possible.”

Fatimah says the best part of this process was “having the opportunity to be surrounded by those who are genuinely passionate about what they are doing and spreading the love.”

The Nash family closed on their Habitat home in December of 2019. Special thanks to Jeff and Judy Mitchell for sponsoring this family’s journey to homeownership.

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