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“We all play a small portion in our community but together we can do and build great things!”

Allison, a Certified Medical Assistant and OB Coordinator, and Mathew, a full-time student, are hardworking parents to two young children. Both girls, Chloe and Sophia, love Sesame Street, animals, music, and mermaids. “We try to offer new experiences often for our kids. We are Christians who believe in instilling the works of Christ into our children and home. We are committed to raising our children with strong morals and memories to last a lifetime.”

As Mathew finishes school, Allison is the only source of income for their home, causing their finances to be tight. Even the cost of most low-income apartments became too much for the family, leaving them to move in with Mathew’s parents and sister. This left seven people and multiple pets in one home. “Having this many people and their animals on different schedules creates tension and struggles daily.”

Allison says they were in shock when they found out they were accepted into the Habitat program. “I never thought we would be accepted. I could not believe this experience has opened up to us after continually struggling for so long.”

“Our life in our Habitat home will be our safe space. A secure home for our children to grow up. I am most looking forward to watching our kids grow up in their home with their own bedrooms. I can’t wait to have dinner around our table every night.”

“My kids deserve a safe secure home to grow up in and have the freedom they need to explore the world around them.”

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