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“My house will be built with love, hard work, and dedication. I cannot thank everyone enough for their help.”

“God has directed me to the best program in the country, to raise a well-rounded family for myself and my children.”

Lakesha is a single mother of two, Edward and Sarah. She works as a Human Resources Director at a nursing facility, where she has been employed for two years. She works hard to provide for her family.

Edward, her oldest son, loves to be outdoors and play sports. His favorite activity is swimming. Her younger daughter, Sarah, is very creative and loves cosmetology. She wants to style hair and create her own lip gloss. “We care for, and look out for each other. We love to travel, make good memories, and laugh very often.”

“My first reaction when learning I was accepted into the Habitat program, was full of tears and anxiousness. Myself and my family were overjoyed.”

Prior to closing on her Habitat home, Lakesha paid too much for rent, and her biggest worry was cost of living. They had a bug and allergy problem in the home, which has caused hospitalization for her daughter and herself. This caused lost time at school and work, which made it hard to keep up with rent.

“I imagine my life with a Habitat home to be much more peaceful. I will finally be able to call something mine that I have worked so hard for. I am looking forward to creating new memories, to build a garden for better health, and break the generational curse in my family.” After closing on her home in March 2020, Lakesha will be able to make those dreams come true.

Special thanks to the volunteers and sponsors of the 2020 Women’s Build for supporting the Munn family in their homeownership journey!


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