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“It seems that the dream of living a better life is about to come true thanks to Habitat.”

Rasema Mujic has been working as an optician for a little over a year at Updegraff Laser Vision. Her family includes her sister, Kadefa, 30 years old, and his mother, Kadira, 64 years old. The Mujic family has strong work ethic, however, when her mother was injured in 2004 preventing her from being able to work, the family began to face financials struggles. “What kept us going is a belief in the American dream.” Rasema enjoys cooking, and cannot wait for a clean and functional kitchen where her family will be happy.

Rasema, having lived in low income housing her whole life, has had to deal with broken homes where there is always something that needs to be fixed. She felt that her family has lacked life’s basic necessities, and without the money to fix these continuous problems, she has been prevented from carrying on a normal life. Even when she was financially capable of fixing the problem, there would be no one to do so. “It’s a fix after another fix and the landlords do not even fix it sometimes.” Her motivation is partly inspired by a desire to have a sufficient home for her family. “I want to leave to work knowing my family is left in a livable environment.”

When finding out about her acceptance, Rasema felt hope for the future. “My life will change forever. The life of my family will change forever.” She has been taking every step necessary to feel ready and confident as a homeowner, and prevent the issues of the past to affect her new home. “I plan to learn how to change an outlet, faucet, and how to maintain a home and a reliable place to live in.” Rasema is most excited about have a functional and complete kitchen in which she can cook for her family. She feels the core of a happy life is a nice kitchen, and through the Habitat program, she is able to achieve happiness for her and her family. She would encourage others to become Habitat volunteers after experiencing how life changing their efforts can be. Rasema explains that one’s home is their life, and what influences their emotions, and that is why she is building. For more information on how to volunteer on our build sites or at our events please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“My house will be one of my greatest treasures that I love the most.”

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