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“Habitat for Humanity is a life-changer; I pray they can continue to create homes for families like mine.”

Meet Yasmin Moya, a single mother with a vibrant 4-year-old daughter named Dalilah who is in the Habitat program. As a family, Yasmin emphasizes unity, activity, and a strong connection to their faith. Currently residing in a poorly maintained studio, their living conditions are far from ideal. Limited space restricts their possessions, and even basic comforts are compromised, such as the ongoing issue with a leaking AC that remains unaddressed by negligent property management.

For Yasmin, being accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program was a profound moment. She shared, “I cried because being accepted just meant I was one step closer to having a true home for me and my daughter!” Yasmin has actively completed her sweat equity hours. Attending various classes, she acknowledges that the experience has broadened her understanding of homeownership. “I know how to be a homeowner BEFORE I even become one,” she affirms.

Envisioning her life in the Habitat home, Yasmin anticipates a transformative experience. “Creating memories, being able to keep up with my home, and just falling in love,” she says. Yasmin is particularly excited about having a bigger kitchen and a backyard where her children can play safely. Her motivation for building goes beyond mere shelter; it’s about deserving a space to call their own. She emphasizes, “My house will be my peace, the place that I would never leave. My most prideful accomplishment.

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