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“The world looks a lot different when you know you always have a home to go to.”

Maya McKinney is a School Safety Officer for the Pinellas County School Board, as well as a mother to two children: 19- year-old Khire and 13-year-old Desire. Khire is currently a full-time college student. In his free time he enjoys play sports, especially football, and has interests in fashion! Desire is in 7th grade enrolled in a magnet program for dance! She also enjoys playing various sports. Maya is hardworking and dedicated, qualities she shares with her children. They share a strong belief in faith and enjoy worshipping together as a family.

Maya shared a space with other family members and struggled to find a boundary between the families and their different parenting styles. “I am cohabitating so it can be very restricting when you’re sharing someone else’s space and doing your best to be respectful of that space and their way of living” explains Maya. She describes wanting to form a nurturing and safe environment for her children and has been able to hold onto that dream with her children for over 3 years through gratitude.

Maya is hopeful this new home will change their financial status, as well as their outlook on life. “I imagine this home will give me and my family our own space to love on our family, friends and neighbors the way we do one another” Maya tells us. She is most looking forward to seeing her family feel comfortable in their own space and having quality family time over home cooked meals. Maya is striving for her house to be “… a safe and peaceful abode for all who may enter.”

There are many opportunities to get involved with Habitat, including volunteering in the ReStore, at events, or on our build sites. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“I am building because my goal is to give my children, grandchildren, all children a safe and loving environment in and around my home.”

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