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“I am building because it gives me self-worth. I will have freedom, comfort, and a piece of mind.”

Rosita, a CNA and Home Health Aid, is working on her forever home so she has a safe and reliable place for her grandchildren to visit.

She has two children, Akeia and Takoya, and three grand-daughters, Telliseia, Tasia, and Zoe. “I was a single, young mother without a high school education. I had to leave my home young due to the childhood trauma I experienced. I was determined to make something out of myself so that I could be a good example for my children. I strive to always put them first because I want them to achieve everything in life that I couldn’t. My daughter now has three degrees, and my son is a successful truck driver who is soon starting his own business.”

Rosita struggled with having a stable home during her early years but was able to rent a nice home for over 18 years. Eventually, the owner who she was renting from passed away, and their family gave Rosita three months to move out. This pushed her and her son into a very small apartment, that was full of issues such as flooding, electrical problems, and more. It took weeks to get anything fixed, which led to her personal belongings being ruined. With rising rent costs, she no longer could even afford that. She moved from bad neighborhoods, to living in her car, to living on a friends couch for some time. “I’ve never felt so low, but I was determined to fix my credit, start saving, and get myself a home.”

When finally accepted into the Habitat Homeownership Program, Rosita said “I screamed so loud, I couldn’t stop thanking the Habitat team! I love doing sweat equity hours, and having the education. I’ve really learned so much.”

This Habitat home will bring Rosita, freedom, comfort, and a piece of mind knowing that she will have something that will last forever. “Being able to walk into my bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, and realizing that it is all mine. I’m working towards a future asset that is affordable and gives me self-worth. This is such a great opportunity.”

The McCray Family Home was dedicated on May 24th, 2021 and was sponsored by Friendly Kia.

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