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“I grew up living in a home. I want to provide that same stability for my sons. It is my goal to become a homeowner.”

Meet Brittney McClendon, a dedicated single mother raising two boys—8-year-old Travis and 2-year-old Michael. Travis enjoys playing sports, riding his bike, and is passionate about Pokémon, while Michael loves dancing, singing, and imitating his older brother. Brittney is a first-grade teacher with a degree in Elementary Education from St. Petersburg College, where she graduated in 2016. Though her job is fulfilling, she doesn’t earn a substantial income, making her goal of becoming a homeowner a significant challenge.

Brittney currently resides in a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom duplex, which she and her sons have outgrown. The boys share a cramped bedroom in an aging property with several issues. Despite paying $1,400 in rent each month, Brittney notes, “It has become truly expensive for a home I will never own.” After completing Suncoast Housing Connections’ first-time homebuyers course and speaking with a counselor, Brittney was recommended to apply for Habitat for Humanity based on her financial situation.

Brittney was ecstatic when accepted into the program. “It would be a true blessing for my sons and me to live in a more spacious, affordable, and safe home that would be ours.” She envisions a better future with the opportunity to create generational wealth and provide stability for her children. “I imagine my future will be different with a Habitat home because I will be creating generational wealth for my children and providing them with stability,” she shares.

Brittney’s journey with Habitat for Humanity emphasizes the importance of affordable housing in empowering families and changing lives. If her story inspires you, consider taking action and volunteering with Habitat. Your support can help families like Brittney’s gain access to safe, stable, and affordable housing, paving the way for a brighter future for many. For more information on how to volunteer with Habitat, click here.

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