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“I am building because I need and want comfort, stability, happiness & a great foundation for me & my daughters.”

Nakita McCall has worked for over a year as a teacher at Operation Par Development Center. Her kindness and love of family makes her a great mother to two little girls: 7- year- old Natalie, and 1- year-old Marlee. Nakita describes her family as full of personality and love, as she raises funny and adventurous girls in their close- knit family.

Nakita faced a rough patch prior to joining Habitat for Humanity. Her families living situation was very hard, preventing her from truly feeling comfortable and at peace with her house. “It caused me to become stressed and depressed that I can’t even make my house into a home because we’re not happy there” Nakita tells us. When she was accepted into the program, she was shocked. However, she was excited to return happiness into her and her daughters’ life.

Nakita looks forward to the comfort a true home provides. “I’m looking forward to the comfort, happiness that me and my family will have. Also being able to say this is our home” explains Nakita. Nakita now owns a house than can become a home, free from the stress that was weighing down on her families chance for happiness previously. Nakita encourages others to become volunteers, explaining that “…becoming a volunteer will help change a lot of families lives for their forever home.” She is grateful for the program, as it lifted a heavy stress of her shoulders. Habitat gave Nakita the space to raise her children in a comfort zone, giving them a strong foundation for their family to grow. For more information on how to get involved with volunteering on one of our build sites or at one of our events, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“My house will be my sanctuary and comfort zone.”

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