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“Home is where you build it!”

Chastity and James Masterton are a Christian family and are parents to four beautiful children: Christian (17), Logan (16), Kayson (13), and Maliyah (10). They have recently applied for the Habitat program as they have been desperate to find a home to call their own. “We currently live with my father-in-law in his small house that was 2 bedrooms, but we turned the garage into a 3rd bedroom. My father-in-law (Pappy) sleeps on the couch as there is not enough room for all 7 of us,” Chastity tell us. The family squeezes the three teenage boys into one very small room approximately 10 feet by 10 feet and there is immense overcrowding. Not to mention, one of the boys is almost 7 feet tall!

“Not only is space limited but this is not our house, so we feel like a burden taking over his home because we have so many of us,” Chastity continues. “He is getting old and needs peace and quiet. My husband and I have made dynamic changes in our lives recently to give our children the best upbringing we can.”

The family attends church regularly. James is a youth leader and a wonderful role model to the children. The family volunteers their time to the church several hours a week and Chastity is a full-time student and is very involved in her school. “We believe in helping our community as we want to give back the time and dedication it has helped us in the past, as well as raise our children with good morals.” The children are all involved in sports such as wrestling, football, and gymnastics. Chastity and James believe it’s imperative to invest in your children as they are the future. The Masterton’s are a very close nit family and the only thing missing is a home to call their own and a safe place their children can spend their time and holidays together for generations to come.

For anyone considering volunteering with Habitat, Chastity offers these words of advice: “I urge others to volunteer their time to Habitat as helping others is our whole purpose here on this earth. God sent us to be helpful to others and spread the word of God. So this is literally our purpose! Don’t delay, start today!”. For more information on how to sign up to volunteer on one of our build sites, in the ReStore, or at one of our events, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“I want nothing more than to raise my children with a healthy upbringing that includes a forever home. I am desperate for a home where my children will return for holidays and eventually bring their children to visit us. A place we can gather.”

The Masterton Family home was dedicated on December 22nd, 2022.

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