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“Home is where you build it!”

Chasity and James Masterton are two hard-working parents who are raising four kids and working towards giving their family a new life through the Habitat program. Chasity is a stay-at-home mom and student at St. Petersburg College where she is studying Psychology in Addiction and Mental Health. Her husband, James, has worked at Kane’s Furniture for nine years as a furniture repair technician. The two describe their family as very close-knit. “We are a Christian based family, with faith based morals. We are always striving for better and very hard workers!” The oldest child in the family of six is Christian. He is 18-years-old and wants to be a missionary for Jesus Christ when he grows up. Logan (age 16) and Kayson (age 14) are the middle sons of the family and they both are involved with sports such as football and wrestling. Maliyah is 10-years-old and is the only daughter in the family. She is in gymnastics and participates in many competitions across the state.

The family’s need for owning a home has been tremendous, as they do not have their own house and were forced to move in with Grandpa in his 2-bedroom 2-bath home. Because the family is so large, they tried to utilize all the space in the house and converted the garage into a 3rd bedroom. Still, the three young boys slept in one 12 foot by 12 foot room and Grandpa slept on the couch each night. “His house is filthy and has mold and mildew in the bathroom and bedroom. No matter how much I cleaned up it was never good enough. We never let anyone come into the house because of the mess and overcrowding,” Chasity says. There were times that the family experienced roach and rat infestation, which caused even more stress in the household. “Owning my own home is in fact saving this family in many ways and keeping our family together forever!”

When asked about how the family felt when they learned they were accepted into the Habitat program, Chasity replied “I am still in shock and keep waiting for there to be a catch or some kind of scam of some sort. It is hard to believe that a blessing of this magnitude is about to take place in my life.” Owning a home has been a dream for Chasity ever since she was a young girl. When she was 12, she was forced to live in a tent with her mom, step-dad, and little brother because they had nowhere else to go. “For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a home to call my own.”

“I can’t wait to have peace of mind in our new home. To have a nice home where we don’t mind sitting on the floor or even taking a bath because there won’t be mildew. To have holiday photos and gathering with my children and future grandchildren. To pass down a legacy to my children as the Lord is working through our lives and others’ lives.”

For anyone considering volunteering with Habitat, Chasity offers these words of advice: “I urge others to volunteer their time to Habitat as helping others is our whole purpose here on this earth. God sent us to be helpful to others and spread the word of God. So this is literally our purpose! Don’t delay, start today!”. For more information on how to sign up to volunteer on one of our build sites, in the ReStore, or at one of our events, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“My soul desires to pass down a home for my children and their children’s children.”

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