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“I am building because the child in me is still searching for her forever home.”

Gliseria Martinez has worked as a Senior Care Coordinator for a little over a year at Cartwheel Care. She is a mother to three children: 13- year- old Jessaiah, 11- year-old Anayse, and 4- year- old Adonis. Jessaiah enjoys playing basketball and videogames, such as Xbox and Play Station. Anayse enjoys arts- and- crafts, including making bracelets and drawing. She is also into doing hair and skincare! Adonis enjoys movies and shows, especially “Cars”. He also enjoys being outside, playing at the pool or the beach. Gliseria works hard for her children to ensure they can spend their childhood being children.

Gliseria and her family were struggling with having enough space to comfortably accommodate them, often having to downsize or get rid of basic necessities to make room for themselves. “My youngest being on the spectrum he requires a space to call his own where he is able to find comfort on days he is struggling most and unfortunately we do not have that, leading to tough moments with myself and his siblings” explains Gliseria. In addition to lacking adequate space, things that are not under Gliseria’s control, such as rent and things breaking, also adds to the stress of living. Through Habitat for Humanity, Gliseria hoped to uphold a promise she made to her son, which was obtaining the home they always talked about.

Gliseria imagines their life will be more stable once becoming a homeowner through the Habitat program. Gliseria reflects on how she once felt that homeownership was unrealistic. “…It has taken me sometimes to realize that homeownership doesn’t have to just be a dream” she explains. Gliseria looks forward to growing her families foundation in a forever home; “I’m looking forward to making memories, decorating for the holidays, trying new recipes in my kitchen, having cookouts in my backyard and celebrating my kids birthday in my home.” Gliseria worked hard to achieve her dreams, and credits Habitat for giving her the final push. “The process can seem long and intimidating, but know that every person you come in contact with at Habitat is rooting for you.”

Donations to Habitat can be accepted in the form of monetary donations, sponsorships, in-kind items. For more information on how to Donate to our organization, please visit our Donate Page on our website.

“Home is where our hearts will always belong, where we will laugh the longest and love the hardest.”

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