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“I am building because my children deserve a place to call home.”

Latoya Letthand is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the North Rehabilitation Center and a single mother to three children. She and her family are on their journey towards homeownership with Habitat for Humanity. KeMartie is Latoya’s oldest child. He is 11 years old and enjoys playing football, track and field (especially shotput) and basketball. His favorite subject is math and he loves to read Goosebumps novels. KeMiyah is the middle child of the family and she is eight years old. She just started Girl Scouts for the first time and loves reading, writing, math, and cheering. The youngest in the family is one-year-old Kelahni and she likes listening to music. All of the kids love playing outside. As for Latoya, she describes herself as a “hardworking, caring person.” She works full time and likes to spend her free time with her kids. The family loves spending time together by playing games.

America is currently facing an affordable housing crisis and Latoya and her family have experienced the hardships and challenges of these difficult times. She has had to move numerous times for multiple reasons such as financials, having difficult landlords, and being overcrowded. They are currently living with Latoya’s sister and it has gotten very overcrowded for the family of four. Latoya’s father also passed away a few months before Kelahni was born, which added to the difficulties. Getting accepted into the Habitat program was a dream come true and was described as “the best feeling ever”, after she had applied numerous times over many years. Latoya says “My kids are going to be so happy and my daddy would be so proud if he was still here.”

The Letthand Family’s life will be very different after moving into their forever home. Latoya says she is looking forward tot he fact that her children will never have to worry about moving again. “We have a home of our own that we can celebrate and make memories in. No more apartment living, no hearing people above us running and stomping.” She is also eager to decorate her new home and having a sense of peace. “My house will be will be my peace and a place where my family can come and have a good time.”

So far, Latoya has had the opportunity to volunteer at the Habitat ReStore to earn her sweat equity hours. “I met a young lady who has lived in her Habitat home for 12 years and was currently volunteering to help her friend. I also met a lady who has been volunteering for over 10 years. They were both so nice and friendly.” Volunteering with Habitat at the ReStore, at a build site, or at an event is a great way to meet new people while helping out families in need. For more information on how to get involved through volunteering, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“Home is where we make forever lasting memories and enjoy family and friends!”

The Letthand Family Home was dedicated on September 16th, 2022.

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