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“My forever home, a blessing, a place where I can watch my son grow in a safe environment and a place that I will cherish forever and pass along to my son.”

Sandria Jordan is a single mother who has been working as a medical assistant for over a year. She has a two-year-old son named Kamar who enjoys splash pads, watching Mickey Mouse, and spending time with his Mommy. Sandria says while her family may be small, they are still “active, loving, and appreciative”.

As Kamar continues to grow, the Jordan Family’s current living situation has been a challenge due to the lack of a nearby playground and apartment issues that are out of their control. She is

excited to give her son a new place to grow and is eager for the future. “I am looking forward to being able to say I am a homeowner, I worked very hard and accomplished my dream for me and my son”.

“I imagine my life to change drastically, for me to be in my forever home with my family, and to have more money in my pockets because I will no longer have to pay more than 30% of my income for rent each month so extra money can go towards other aspects of my budget.”

After being accepted into the Habitat program, Sandria said “I was stunned and I was not sure how to control my feelings. I was excited and nervous for the future.”

She encourages anyone to become a Habitat volunteer because “you will meet several wonderful people in the process who will end up becoming your family because of the amount of time you spend together”.

Sandria is excited for what the future brings for her family with having an affordable mortgage, and a home that belongs to her and her son. “Home is where the heart is, where you can be yourself and express yourself without being judged.”

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