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Janique, a Lead Allergy Technician and mother to Javontae, is coming to the end of the Habitat program. They will soon have the stability of a forever home.

Her son, Javontae, is interested in football, video games, and is currently starting baseball for the first time. His dream is to play college football in Georgia, and then become a business owner when he graduates. “We are very family-oriented, so we spend a lot of time together with each other and our extended family.”

Janique had a good living situation but received a last-minute notice that her landlord was selling the house. They were given 30 days to move out during the holiday season. “Words cannot express how stressed and hurt I was. I attempted to find us another home, but everything was so expensive and when I would come across a place that was affordable, it wasn’t in great living conditions.” Thankfully, the family was able to move into Janique’s mother’s apartment. They resided in this one-bedroom apartment for four months. “It wasn’t easy, but we made the best of it.”

After being accepted into the Habitat program, Janique said she felt “truly blessed. I knew being accepted into this program was going to change my son and I’s life for the better. It’s not easy and a lot of hard work, but it is worth every moment.”

Janique is excited for what the future brings with having an affordable mortgage, and a home that belongs to them. “This program is life-changing. I can’t wait to provide my son with a forever home.”

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